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Phishing Attack Prevention: How to Identify & Avoid Phishing Scams in Office 365 Email

If you rely heavily on e-mail you will have to know the basics of phishing attack prevention.  Even if a message appears to come from someone you know, spoofing a senders address in an email allows hackers to gain your trust.  If you treat that email as a request from a reputable source you are more likely to click on an embedded link that takes you to a fake website that requests things like your username and password or other sensitive information.  A file attached to an e-mail message phishing scam could contain a virus.  NEVER open these or allow them to run on your computer!

Here is a little video I put together so when in doubt you can use this test.


If you are unsure, be sure to contact the sender by some other means to gain added assurance that the attachment is valid.  Also, NEVER reveal usernames or password or any personal or financial information in a response to an e-mail request, no matter who appears to have sent it; your office may be the target of a phishing scam.


Office 365: Co-Authoring/Collaborating on Documents using Word, Excel or PowerPoint online

Small businesses owners and employees are experiencing a new reality such that collaboration doesn’t always occur face to face.  Sharing ideas and data in real time can be challenging, especially when different people in different physical locations needing to work together. Office 365 brings us real-time co-authoring, that allows for multiple people to make changes to the same document at the same time.  You will also see other’s changes as soon as they are made.  You can use this feature on Word, Excel, PowerPoint online, the desktop apps of Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2016 with Office 365 and even Word , Excel, PowerPoint for Android and iOS. Collaborators can now work together to amend and finalize documents in real time.  This revolutionary new feature is a hidden gem!

Setting up real-time co-authoring in Microsoft Word Online for Office 365

Here is a little how-to on using real-time co-authoring with the online version of Microsoft Word

  1. Go to, Sign in and open your document with Microsoft word online.  On the top right you will see a Share button, click on it.

    Office365 Co-Authoring documents in word


  2. The share screen will appear as seen in the image below.  Make sure you see “Recipients can edit” so that recipients have access and can edit the document.  Enter the Recipients Email Address in the text box and click Share.  You can also add extra notes that will also be sent to the recipients email.

    Office365 Co-Authoring feature sharing invitation


  3. Once you press the “Share” button, a link will be sent to the person you wish to collaborate with on this document, and once they click the link they can immediately start editing the document.  If you and your collaborators are editing the document at the same time you will see a marker representing each collaborator.

    Office 365 Co-Authoring with word online.


This level of collaboration saves you and your colleagues from relaying document changes back and forth.  You and your colleagues can also work together on Excel Spreadsheets with Excel Online and work together on PowerPoint Presentations with PowerPoint Online.

Why do I need Office 365 for my business?

What is Microsoft Office 365?  Is it just a subscription-based cloud software system developed by Microsoft in 2011 to make more money from consumers?  No, Microsoft Office 365 much more.  It is powerful software that over 60 million commercial customers depend on.  With 50,000 small business customers migrating to Office 365 each month this is a product you just can’t ignore!  It includes various apps like Word, Power point, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, etc. There are so many apps for business purposes that I won’t be able to cover all of them here.  But I will say Office 365 enhances your businesses productivity by providing these cloud based services to a wide variety of platforms like the web (Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.), Apple and Android devices, Windows desktops and lot more. Office365 offers great ways to edit and modify documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc locally or through an internet connection. These documents can be saved online by using OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud service which provides 1TB of Cloud Storage) and can be accessed from anywhere you have a supported device and an active internet connection. Office365 web-based email with a familiar Outlook web app also comes with your subscription and provides anywhere access to email, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services using a supported web browser and internet access.

Getting Office 365 for Your Business

As an Office 365 partner, we’re authorized to sell a variety of small and mid-sized business (SMB) Office 365 subscriptions. We can offer Kiosk and stand-alone services as well. Customers can combine plans, add stand-alone services, and move between plans and services.  There are three kinds of business subscription one is “Business Essential” plan ($60.00/user) per year, second is “Business” plan based on annual subscription ($99.00/user) and the third is “Business Premium” ($150.00/user).  These are the subscription packages we recommend for most small businesses with 1 – 300 users within their organization.

How to sign up for Office 365 Business

  1. First visit our Office 365 page on our website.  Further information on the products, including details and included apps are listed here.Office 365 Boot Networks website signup plans
  2. Now choose a plan, on the next page you will see the details of your plan and sub-total.  Also, there will be a “delegated administrator” and select yes.  Selecting “Yes” simply means that you want to allow Boot Networks to assist with the setup and configuration of your Office 365 products.  Click on “next” to continue.Office 365 web sign-up partner delegation
  3. Now, fill in the details of your organization in form given and then create a user account to sign in as an admin.  This account will be the delegated global administrator for the account.Office 365 web sign-up-partner page
  4. Then select how you want to pay, monthly or annually depending upon your needs, using a credit card.Office 365 web sign-up-payment page
  5. After your payment has processed, log into with the username and password you created.  You’ll probably want to install the Office 365 desktop app included in your subscription.  To do this click on “Install Office 365” which will allow you to install all the office products included in your subscription on your computer or laptop.Office 365 website home screen

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!


Boost your productivity with 3 new Office 365 Small Business features

Microsoft Office 365 is the Microsoft Cloud based version of Microsoft Office products.  Small businesses are benefitting from the same powerful software that over 60 million commercial customers depend on.  Depending on your Office 365 Subscription plan, you get the Office Desktop apps your used to installed on your PC, and you can also use the online versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. or the Office 365 apps available on your cell phone and other mobile devices, allowing you to work and collaborate from anywhere you have internet access.  One thing I must say is that Microsoft has been working hard adding great new features to their Office 365 products.  With 50,000 small business customers migrating to Office 365 each month this is a product you just can’t ignore!  Here are 3 NEW features, to add to Microsoft Office365’s already long list of great features.

Real-time co-authoring for Microsoft Office 365: Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Office 365: Microsoft Word Co-Authoring


Join forces with your co-workers online and author or edit your documents as it changes in real time.  No more emailing documents back and forth.  This would be a good time to remind you, emailing documents back and forth is NOT always a secure or efficient process, documents should be shared securely using the cloud.  Save your file to OneDrive or Sharepoint, so others can work with you. It can also be shared from the desktop apps using the integrated side-bar pictured above in the Office 365 Word desktop app.

Microsoft Office 365: Excel’s Power Map

Microsoft Office 365 Excel Power Map


Now you can turn rows of data into a 3D interactive maps with Power Map, which includes the ability to filter data using three different filters: List, Range, or Advanced.  It is enhanced with Power BI app (Power BI is another Office 365 app that provides solutions for analyzing, visualizing data within your organization).

Microsoft Office 365: Planner, to help organize your team’s workflow

Microsoft Office365 Planner app


Office 365 Planner will help your team to plan workflows and collaborations. Use this project tool to create plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, set due dates and provide status updates. All this work is done through email notifications and visual dashboards.

Do you have any more questions regarding Office 365 or The Cloud?  Contact us, we’d be glad to help!

Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks for Better Email Productivity

With many of us now receiving over 50-100+ emails per day a cluttered inbox can become a real problem real fast.  Relying only on the Search feature isn’t always the best way to being productive in email.

Flagging email messages For Follow Up

Flags make it easier to find and track email messages in Outlook. You can flag messages for yourself, as visual reminders to take action later. You can also flag messages that you send to other people, to direct their attention or track their responses.  Lets take a look at a simple way you can use this feature to your advantage and make you more focused on your most important clients and emails.

I find that many users are missing the For Follow Up search folder in OutlookThis little trick helps you easily locate items you have flagged for follow up.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. On the Folder tab, in the New group, click New Search Folder.Office365-Outlook-New-Search-Folder
  3. In the New Search Folder dialog box, under Reading Mail, select Mail flagged for follow up, select the account you want this to apply to and then click OK.Office365-Outlook-New-Search-Folder-Dialog-Box
  4. Now in the Folder Pane on the left find the new folder For Follow Up
  5. Right click on the For Follow Up folder and left click on Add to Favorites
  6. Now you can left click on the For Follow Up folder in the Folder Pane and see all your Followup Flagged Emails.


Uploading files to a secure FTP server (sFTP)

 Upload Files to Secure FTP Server (sFTP)

This guide contains a simplified description of uploading files to a sFTP server with WinSCP.
Before starting you should:

Have WinSCP or similar FTP client installed;

Connect to your account on FTP server.

Once you are connected to your account of FTP/SFTP server, you will see content of default remote directory (typically a home directory of your account) on remote file panel.

If you want to upload the files to different directory, navigate there first.

Now you can simply drag the local files and drop them on remote file panel. By default transfer settings dialog will appear. Typically you do not want to change any settings, so just press Copy.

Uploading will proceed. Once it finishes, you will see uploaded file in remote file panel.


How to protect your small business from crypto ransomware

Crypto Ransomware

Crypto Ransomware

Crypto ransomware has come a long way over the past 2½ years and no single solution can stop it 100% of the time. But the right recovery and mitigation strategies can help. Boot Networks keep small businesses a step ahead of this virulent threat and ensure their clients are effectively protected.


How to protect your Small Business IT Systems from Crypto ransomware:

  • Up-to-date Antivirus protection
  • Windows Updates
  • Cloud Backup



In today’s digital world, it’s imperative to constantly set unique, and complex passwords for every website that requires a login. Setting the password is the easy part, remembering them is the hard part!

Lucky for you there is an APP for that. The premium password manager, LastPass. Create a LastPass account where you can store all of your passwords, automatically retrieve them, and improve your security. See what we mean and try it out for 1 month FREE!

Passwords Manager Software Application LastPass


  • Store Your Password in a Secure Vault
    All of your passwords and notes are stored safely in a vault. Easy-to-use, searchable, and organized the way you like.
  • Auto Fill every Password
    Save passwords as you browse, and LastPass will autofill the login for you next time you sign into that account.
  • One Account or Many
    Have multiple email accounts? Save unlimited logins for websites, and easily switch between them.
  • Convenient Access
    Get started on any device, free. Your LastPass vault is backed up and synced automatically where you need it.


LastPass has the tools to help you follow best security practices, with a unique, strong password for every account.


LastPass does more than remember your passwords. Keep track of other important information & simplify your online life.

lastpass secure notes

  • Keep Digital Records with Secure Notes
    Store insurance cards, memberships, prescriptions, WiFi logins and more, so your information is backed up and encrypted.
  • Profiles for Online Shopping
    Create a profile for every credit card and address, so making a purchase is just a few clicks – no typing required.
  • Share Passwords, Securely
    Pay bills with a spouse? Send encrypted passwords to others, easily sync changes & remove access when they’re done.


Your passwords are always there, with extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera, on every major platform.



Click Here For Your Free Trial



Security Service: Security Software for Small Business and Home Offices

Security Services for Small Business and Home Offices

Using strong antivirus and antispyware security software can protect your small business.  It helps to protect your computer by scanning email, apps and data for malicious content, and removing viruses and spyware before they can compromise your devices.  It is common for people who don’t have security software to get malware and virus’s.  With the new age of BYOD, people are connecting with infected devices to your network all the time.  It is important that all devices connecting to your network have up-to-date security software.  If you run a small business or have employees working from home offices they MUST be running security software even if they have a Apple device.

Click Here for a Small Business Security Audit


Protect Online Accounts

Protecting your online accounts.  You should protect your online accounts with different passwords for each.  Passwords need at least eight characters: letters, number and symbols to be hard to crack.  Avoid using any part of your name, phone number, birth date or any other easy to guess password.

Benefits of using NAS

A network attached storage (NAS) is a server dedicated to file sharing, usually used by small businesses. Actually, when purchasing NAS, no matter the size, one has to make sure that it is the right system for the small business. Being simpler to use, NAS is preferred instead of other small business servers, even though it doesn’t provide all the features that are provided by other servers. This happens mainly because these small businesses don’t have too much to do with a server. They usually share documents with each other, and other servers would only over complicate their work.

There are several benefits that should be taken under consideration before starting to use NAS. In this way you will be able to choose whether to purchase it or not, and your decision will be based on something more than a simple intuition.

One of the most important benefits is definitely the price. Usually small businesses don’t have a big budget, and NAS has competitive prices, being less expensive than other servers. There will be time to change it, if the company grows and it will need something else. So if you are at the beginning and you don’t need too much from a server, NAS seems to be the perfect choice. In this way you will save money and your work will be completed with ease.

NAS also offers the company access control. Now you will be able to control and customize each user’s access. Your work will be simplified, and this efficient system will definitely help you. Remember that access control is very important and it offers you the option to supervise more closely the progress of a project. In this way you will be able to see that everything is going smoothly and there aren’t any delays.

Other options such as online backups or remote access aren’t too important, and each company has its own necessities concerning them. So you will need to read the product’s features and see the optimal solutions that are necessary in your case.

Before purchasing a NAS, make some personal research and consult someone specialized who can give you a word of advice. Maybe you will need something more than a basic storage, and then NAS won’t be the ideal solution. Sometimes you can’t determine on your own whether a system is good for you. If you aren’t sure, it is better to ask us than to regret later.

Now that you have more information about network attached storage, i.e. NAS, you can make a choice. It is essential to keep in mind that this server is highly recommended for small companies, being the best type of server that they may purchase. If you have a small company, you will most certainly be satisfied by the product and its services. NAS has gained a lot of popularity and now more and more small businesses are looking forward in order to purchase it. After all, it is the most cost effective solution possible.

Need a Powerful Router for Your Small Business?

Need a Powerful Router for Your Small Business? Try the Dell Sonicwall TZ Series for Small Business.

For small business owners, the decision to choose a router for their businesses can be a tough one. To begin with, there are many factors to consider: how easy the router will make it for you to have remote access, whether the router can provide a fast and reliable network, and the kind of protection that the router offers. Currently there are several routers available to businesses: the Cisco RV320 or the D-Link DIR-140L. Each router is designed to suit the specific needs of a small business, but it looks like the Dell Sonicwall TZ series routers is best suited for the larger small business. Not only does it offer excellent remote network access and safety, it also doesn’t compromise on speed.

Remote Access and Network Speed with the Sonicwall TZ Series

Being able to remotely access files and other important information outside of your office is important if you’re constantly on the go. One of the most frustrating things about having a business network is that sometimes, when you need the network speed the most, there’s a delay. This can cost you precious time, especially if you need to send or view large, time-sensitive files. The Dell Sonicwall TZ series has created its DPI to perform at higher, more efficient levels, and therefore eliminating the delay that these safety applications often cause. In addition, the router separates the most useful applications and blocks idle ones that potentially take up network speed.

In addition to the speed, the router aims to make retrieving files easier and more flexible. The TZ series offers native VPN remote access for Android, Windows, Google, or Apple, giving you and your employees the opportunity to comfortably work and access the network with your mobile phone.

Network Safety with the Sonicwall TZ Series

Perhaps the most important feature that the TZ series offers to small businesses is that of safety. For businesses who use mobile devices to access their networks, this router actually eliminates threats from VPN traffic, scans for malware even in encrypted traffic, and offers application control for iOS or Android. The TZ series is a UTM router that offers an all-in-one anti-spyware, gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention, and content or the filtering of content or URLs. In addition to its blocking capability, it also includes analytics for measuring security threats to the network.

While safety, speed, and remote access capabilities are three of the strongest features of the Dell TZ series, its design makes it clear that it was created with the small business owner in mind. The TZ series provides firewall settings that are intuitive and easy to understand for users. This particular router was designed to make its configuration and management easy and straightforward.

Even in terms of hardware, the TZ series offers durability. Taking into consideration all of its features, the Dell TZ series seems to offer one crucial benefit to small businesses: a reliable, low-cost way of keeping your network and file transactions safe.

Small Business Wifi Security

With spread of Wi-Fi across the planet, people can now find free Internet access easier than ever before. Whether you’re at a cafe, at the bus stop, or even flying across the Atlantic, there is free Wi-Fi and Internet access available. New York City has even gone so far as turning old telephone booths into free public Wi-Fi hotspots.

The problem with all this free Wi-Fi is that hackers, identity thieves, and other computer users with malicious intent have started exploiting public Wi-Fi networks. 

Once on a public network they have access and the ability to steal your private or personal business data as well as classified business information you have. Certain people will use this data to harm your business or employees or even take advantage of you personally. If you’re using the Internet here are some steps you can take to ensure your business and its employees are protected when accessing the Internet on the move or from a remote location.

It’s important to take steps to protect your data before you even attempt to connect to a public hotspot. Before you leave on vacation or decide to access some confidential business files from Starbucks, you should practice these following techniques to guarantee your online safety.

1. Your operating system works most efficiently and offers the most protection when fully patched. Ensure all Windows Updates have been applied.

2. Make sure you have anti-virus software installed and that it is up-to-date.

3. If you’re using any third party software like Java or Adobe programs make sure they are updated as well to prevent hackers from exploiting the old version.

Once you have followed these steps you can now connect to a public hotspot. Here are some additional ways to keep yourself and your small business protected online.

1. A VPN, or virtual private network, provides the best form of protection. A VPN will encrypt any traffic and create a secure route that will prevent hackers from accessing your data during your web sessions. This is the most important type of defense available against online malicious activity. A VPN connection simply offers the most protection for Internet users.

2. After a VPN, a wireless network that offers encryption is another way to protect yourself.  There are 2 types of secure networks – WPA2 which is the most secure and WPA. WEP is the least secure network and should only be used as a last resort. Any Windows 7 users should also block file and printer sharing from their network location, as these are common exploits for hackers.

3. If you’re connecting to the Internet HTTPS and SSL connection provide the most secure connection. Both these connection types provide increased encryption and prevent other Internet users in the same network from monitoring your web activity. Even when you’re checking email you should be following safe browsing methods. This means using a web mail service that provides encryption rather than a local desktop application using unencrypted POP email. Some email providers don’t provide encrypted email and are typical targets for hackers. To keep your business data safe be sure you’re employees are using a secure and encrypted connection and web mail service.

4. Conducting financial transactions on a public Wi-Fi network is also a bad idea, even if you’re connected through a HTTPS or SSL connection. Public Wi-Fi hotspots offer the least protection and are often used by hackers to steal data.  Remember: if you don’t have a VPN, don’t do any browsing that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. If you or your employees are using the Internet on an unencrypted wireless network assume that everyone on that same network can see exactly what websites you’re visiting unless they are HTTPS secured. It’s important to remember this if you’re using the Internet in a library or airport. There are thousands of people accessing the same network who all have access to your unsecured information.

 It’s important to stay informed on how to keep yourself and your business safe when using the Internet. Here are the things to remember before you even leave the office:

1. Guarantee that any programs on your computer, including the operating system, are all recently updated before you connect to public Wi-Fi. Old programs and outdated operating systems are a key target for hackers.

2. Always use a VPN if you have the option.

3. Only join networks that offer encryption. Remember, even if you have to pay to join a network that does not guarantee it is secure.

4. Try to limit web browsing to only websites that offer encryption

5. Never conduct financial transactions online using unsecured wireless access.

 Following the techniques laid out will greatly improve your online security and prevent any malicious behavior against your personal or small business data.  

Should You Choose a Mac or PC for Your Small Business?

Macs and PCs are different, not just in the way they look, but in the way they operate. This may sound obvious to you, but choosing the right one for your small business can make things a lot easier and more efficient. It is only when comparing them side-by-side and considering your business needs that you figure out the one that works best for you.

What You’ll Get With a Mac vs. a PC:

Macs are aesthetically pleasing and when it comes to design, the average PC can’t compete.  In addition, Macs are more expensive and for a good reason: they have great quality design and even some Intel-based Macs can run Windows. 

Most small business don’t run graphically intense software. Most likely, you draft documents, store files and data, and create presentations for employees and clients- and this is what makes a difference for small-business owners and compels them to choose PCs over Macs.  


The Benefits of Using a PC for a Small Business 

Unlike Macs, PCs offer more variety. Apple is very selective with regard to distributing their product and they manufacture both the hardware and the software. A PC, on the other hand, can be manufactured by almost any company: Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, and Toshiba, to name only a few. The variety of manufacturers ends up leaving consumers with more choice with PCs than with Macs. It’s a myth that Macs are automatically better and don’t get infected with malware, because small businesses can invest in high-end PCs that run efficiently and offer long-lasting quality.

A PC will integrate the software you use more easily. Even though some Macs can run Windows and Microsoft Office, it doesn’t mean that all of the applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, or Publisher will run exactly the same as on a PC. If your business relies on these applications, then it’s simpler to buy a PC, especially when Microsoft offers packages such as Microsoft Office 365, which comes with cloud service. One last thing to consider is the possibility that many of your clients will also operate with a PC, so sharing the same operating system will likely facilitate your communication or file-sharing.

With a PC, you may get better hardware compatibility. The same companies that manufacture PCs also manufacture hardware like printers and scanners. Although Macs can also use such hardware, it may be easier for a small-business owner to troubleshoot and fix an issue when his or her printer is manufactured by the same company as his or her computer.

 Ultimately, what you are looking for in a computer depends on what kind of business you have. Without doubt, a small-business owner who seeks variety in product and software (and wants to rest assured that he or she can effectively share files with customers or partners) will go with a PC. While the landscape can change in the future, for now it looks like PCs have everything that professional business owners need: a suite of office tools to draft and publish all kinds of documents, better software and hardware compatibility, and just the sheer volume of users in the small-business world.

Windows XP Migration Service

Twelve and a half years after being introduced to the public, Windows XP will no longer be receiving support from Microsoft as of April 8, 2014. There will no longer be customer service, free updates or security patches available for XP. With many small-businesses still running Windows XP, there are going to be a wide range of problems when the software support for XP is no longer available. What business owners need to be aware of is that once support ends for this famous Microsoft operating system, it will very quickly be subject to attack by hackers. The lack of updates will mean that security patches are no longer being applied and backdoors and those with malicious intent will eventually find loopholes. The best way to protect your business and remain efficient in the 21st century is to update the operating system you’re using and migrate to a newer one like Windows 7 or 8.1. These new operating systems provide enhanced security, increased productivity, and improvement in management capabilities, which results in a lower total cost of ownership and noticeably increased efficiency. Migrating to a new operating system will also provide an immediate benefit to the mobile workforce by providing a wider variety of devices to choose from. It’s important to note that all the support for Office 2003 will end at the same time.

After April 8, 2014, it’s important that your business take the necessary steps to prevent or mediate any of the issues caused by the lack of Windows XP updates, patches, or support. Currently, the security patches provided by Microsoft fix any security vulnerabilities in the OS.  Without the security updates, any XP vulnerabilities will eventually be discovered by malware and user data has the potential to be stolen.  Upgrading or migrating to a newer OS like Windows 8 will not only keep your data safe but also your clients’ data safe, since it will be receiving regular security updates from Microsoft.

Whether you’re an enterprise customer or a small business, there are options available for you to migrate off Windows XP to a new operating system.

Enterprise customers or large corporations with over 500 employees receive special help from Microsoft and will be provided a migrating service by Microsoft or one of their certified partners.  On the other hand, small- to medium-sized businesses have to go through this process themselves or with the help of an IT company.  Boot Networks provides the help and services a small business would need to migrate their operating system.

Any small businesses that are still using old computers and Windows XP will have to begin using modern PCs with the latest Microsoft software if they want to experience increased productivity and better security measures. Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8.1 Professional are the operating systems that business can choose from.  Migrating is a difficult and intense process with a lot of room for error.  While it may be cheaper to attempt a migration from Windows XP to a newer operating system yourself, it’s highly recommended to use an IT company that offers the services you need. Boot Networks offers an operating system migration service, with expert help available and representatives standing by to deal with your concerns.  The services these companies provide are imperative to guaranteeing a smooth installation and preventing any future problems from arising.

If your company or small business has decided to keep using Windows XP, you should be aware of the potential risks you could run into. Security will be the biggest problem that XP users experience once support ends. Without important Windows XP updates, PCs become much more vulnerable to viruses, harmful spyware, and a range of malicious software. These programs steal your private data and can damage your business.  While there are anti-virus programs available, they will also be unable to offer protection once Microsoft support ends. They no longer have any incentives to keep updating their software for an outdated operating system. Another risk of not migrating to a new operating system is that businesses using Windows XP will no longer be able to satisfy compliance requirements. There are regulatory obligations that businesses are legally required to follow. These regulations guarantee a standard of quality in the industry and require businesses to keep up-to-date software and technology. Support for many other software programs running on Windows XP will also run out. Once program developers are no longer able to receive security updates they will no longer provide their services for business running on outdated software. Finally, PC manufacturers will also stop providing support for Windows XP on the hardware they sell. Any new hardware businesses want to use after support is over could experience driver problems and not be compatible.

While you will still be able to use Windows XP after April 8, 2014, you will not receive any support or updates from Microsoft; however, activations will still be required on all new XP installs. If you are migrating to a new operating system, you need to understand that it is a large and complicated process. Many businesses will simply continue to use Windows XP, but that will open them up to a variety of technical issues and security problems.

To replace your aging system, it’s important to use a company that can deliver specialized and high-quality IT services.  Boot Networks is a California corporation that strives to deliver the highest standard of service in the industry. Boot Networks provides advanced technology support solutions for any complications your small business might experience. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable Windows XP migration service, Boot Networks can satisfy all your requirements.

Need to find out what Operating System you are running?  Click Here for instructions.

Server Repair

Fix your small business serverBoot Networks Global Support offers remote and onsite Windows Server Repair Services for Small Businesses in San Diego and the surrounding counties.

We offer service for these common solutions with your Microsoft Windows Server.
•RAID failures and Recovery
•Windows Server Hardware, we build, install and repair.
•Windows Server upgrades
•Windows Server Security Policies and Software repair.
•Backup failures (tape, software problems)
•Virus problems
•Troubleshooting by looking for potential problems
•Reviewing server logs, firewall logs and inspecting your servers hardware.

We excel at troubleshooting hardware and software problems in your server environment and can repair your server fast.

Network Setup

Small Business Network Setup

Network System Setup and Network Printer Installation
Boot Networks network setup services includes an external quality inspection, new network  system installation, internet setup, domain integration and connection of external peripherals.    This service also includes the installation and testing of a network printers into an existing local area network.

Custom Computers

We build the fastest computers specifically for small businesses!

Like many small and medium-sized businesses, your company might be unsure about how to upgrade or to replace your current PCs, servers, or other hardware. Take the guesswork out of the purchasing process by turning to Boot Networks. Our expert technicians can coordinate the purchase of new computers systems to meet all of your specific computing needs. We install your new software programs on your PC and customize it to fit your needs and when your new computer is all built we even move all of your data and settings from your old computer to your new one.

If you have a project that requires high end hardware Boot Networks has a range of desktop computer systems to fit your situation. Each of our systems come custom configured to your specific needs. Specifically we will configure your memory, hard disk drives, monitor, size, mouse, keyboard and additional peripherals.

If you need a high-end system, Boot Networks has the PC solution for you.