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Microsoft Teams and Channels for Office 365

Channels are a great and innovative feature in Microsoft Teams. Channels minimize silos within team communication as well as improve transparency, they can also be accessed using applications on smartphones. It is almost like a dedicated communication for members of a team. All channels share same security as the team, but private channels (with unique security) could…
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Phishing Attack Prevention

Phishing Attack Prevention: How to Identify & Avoid Phishing Scams in Office 365 Email

If you rely heavily on e-mail you will have to know the basics of phishing attack prevention.  Even if a message appears to come from someone you know, spoofing a senders address in an email allows hackers to gain your trust.  If you treat that email as a request from a reputable source you are more likely…
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Office 365 Co-Authoring & Collaborating on Documents using Word, Excel or PowerPoint online

Setting up real-time Office 365 Co-Authoring in Microsoft Word Online for Office 365 Businesses owners and employees are experiencing a new reality such that collaboration doesn’t always have to occur face to face.  Sharing ideas and data in real time can be challenging, especially when different people in different physical locations need to work together.  Office…
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