Silent desktop i7 PC SSD

Silent desktop i7 PC SSD


This high-performance desktop PC is optimized for speed, reliability, power-efficiency, and durability.  This Silent Desktop PC exceeds the most rigorous client and high-end software requirements. Engineered for business PCs performs best with an office workload – high productivity applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


High Performance Silent Desktop PC

This high-performance silent desktop i7 pc is built to grow with you. The functional design features power and expandability. Customizable with the a 6 core Intel® Core™ processor. With NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 1030 graphics card.

If you have a project that requires high-end hardware Boot Networks has a range of performance silent desktop pc’s and computer systems to fit your situation. Each of our high-performance silent desktop pc’s come custom configured to your specific needs. Specifically we can configure your memory, hard disk drives, monitor, size, mouse, keyboard and additional peripherals.

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Weight 30 lbs
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