Surface Ergonomic Keyboard


Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

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Designed for productivity and advanced comfort Natural arc and slope Palm rest covered in stunning two-tone grey mélange Alcantara Bluetooth 4.0

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The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft takes design and functionality to new heights while building products to enhance user experience with premium build quality. Microsoft has really shaken things up with this keyboard style. The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard provides a modern look and feel with these new wireless Bluetooth keyboards by bringing in a new product to the surface line-up.

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is a brand-new change in terms of design, functionality and comfort. Its design makes it stand out from all the other traditional keyboards . The surface Ergonomic keyboard is made with unique and proprietary material called Alcantara and has decent key spacing between keys which helps to naturally move the fingers between keys seamlessly with double-cushioned to protect your palm from pain. with a natural arc and slope palm rest covered in stunning two-tone grey.  It also has a feature which helps us prevent from accidental key presses. Due to its modern design, it provides faster typing speed with better accuracy. Its arch shape protects your hands and wrist from pain and gives you a better grip to flow between keystrokes and increasing the number of words per minute which the user can type. It works 100% wirelessly using Bluetooth. This means it doesn’t need any USB receiver dongle and it works with latest Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 technology freeing up USB ports for other peripherals. The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is supported on all the windows devices which have Bluetooth functionality built in. In terms of build-quality, its well-crafted with premium materials which makes it more attractive and durable. Surface Ergonomic Keyboard works great with the surface line of products on which we are working on without shifting which provides stability.

Surface Ergonomic Keyboard provides you with:

• Speed
• Accuracy
• Performance
• Durability
• Premium build-quality

If you spend a lot of time working at your using a keyboard, then this is the best wireless Bluetooth keyboard for you to enhance your productivity while providing comfort at the same time.

Special pricing for eligible students, parents, teachers, and military.

1 review for Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

  1. Erica

    I have been using this keyboard for about 3 months now and it is really comfortable to type on. There are cushioned palm rests to help support your wrists when you are typing all day long, like I am. I’m using this keyboard with my Surface Pro and it connects seamlessly as it is a Bluetooth Low Energy device–no longer need the annoying wireless USB receiver/dongle of keyboards past.
    Overall, the keyboard is incredibly comfortable and lightweight, so I highly recommend if you are looking for an ergonomic workstation.

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