Mini-ITX means that everything is smaller. It is a very sleek design built with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. This machine is capable of almost anything. It can handle gaming, office work, day to day activity and even some of the more demanding programs. Quick on its feet and ready to cover the tasks you give it. It is quiet and most importantly it is small. At 70% the normal size of a computer, it can fit on most desks or into small areas most large computers couldn’t. Upgraded cases allow for a great display of components to show off to your friends while also allowing for easy upgrades.

Benefits of Mini-ITX

  • Size Small systems for the space-constrained
  • Fast-performing and power efficient experience
  • Industrial solutions available – wide-temp, rugged, fanless, and long lifecycle board versions all exist
  • Mini-ITX modularity and selection allow highly configurable computers
  • Improved productivity
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Designed and engineered to SAVE YOU MONEY!

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