Bleeding Edge – Vizio’s M and P-series UHD TVs

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Bleeding Edge – Vizio’s M and P-series UHD TVs

Many people are jumping at the idea of owning a 4K Ultra HD TV but is it worth it? As an IT specialist and someone who keeps up to date with all trends of technology I am always weary of the ‘bleeding-edge‘. This is a term that refers to all brand new technology that has a lot of people clamoring for it before its had time to be tested and understood. For this article I won’t go into the testing portion. All new technology will have some risk associated with poor quality or testing. What I want to focus on is a “Lack of consensus or the public’s unwillingness to adopt new technology causing it to be a waste of money or a fad that dies quickly. Two classic examples of this were Blu-ray and 3D TVs. One was a huge success story and became the industry standard while the other became an expensive dead technology that a lot of people wasted money on.

For a piece of bleeding edge technology to be successful it needs three things.

Affordability: If you invest in technology that isn’t going to be successful did you waste a ton of money?

Accessibility: Can the manufacturer deliver it to enough people fast enough?

Innovation: Is it better than what’s out there in a BIG way?

The 3D TV failed because it met none of these criteria. It was costly, it was not being spread to enough people and it wasn’t viewed as a revolutionary idea.

Blue-ray did the opposite. It showed up in the Sony Play Station 3. It was affordable and because it was in a gaming device it spread like wildfire. Also it was much better than DVDs and people could be easily convinced it was revolutionary. Even if the technology failed at least you invested money in a PS3 plus the blu-ray could play the DVDs it was replacing. Brilliant piece of technology.


Back to 4K TVs. These ultra high definition TVs are a beautiful thing but do they meet the criteria? Should you buy one or is it a fad?

Affordability: Expensive. So expensive.

Or at least they used to be. Visio is changing that with the M and P-series. The M and P-series start at a lower price point than its competitors, under $1K. An amazing price point for a normal Smart TV let alone a 4K.

Accessibility: If enough people upgrade to Smart TVs they may invest the extra money into a 4K.  When a 4K TV is being paired with the aspect of it being a Smart TV (a successful piece of technology) it can be better marketed and easier to get out to the public.

Innovation: Have you seen one in a store? They are gorgeous. They stand out next to their competitors. Its reminiscent of Blu-ray vs DVD comparisons.


I would say this is a safe investment ONLY if the price decreases. Be on the look out for the New M and P-series from Visio. If you need a new TV or a Smart TV this may be the time to buy a P-series. Even if the technology dies it is still capable of being a normal TV that looks amazingly pretty with Smart TV capabilities.

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