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Why smart business owners are taking a tough stance on cybersecurity

Large organizations like Uber, Equifax, and Target are falling victim to cyber criminals, costing them millions of dollars in consumer reparations. The last five years have shown a steady increase in cyber attacks targeting businesses with less than 250 employees and in 2017 the FBI reported $1.42 billion in victim losses from internet crime.

Organizations of all sizes are understanding the importance of a strong security posture. Business owners are particularly at risk, as they struggle with lean IT budgets and limited IT personnel to fight against these attacks. Here are a few quick reasons why security matters to the success of your business.



Safeguard your company’s and your customer’s personal data. Hackers can steal your intellectual property and other valuable information to file for fraudulent tax returns, send email spam to your customers, impose wire transfers on bank accounts, and commit identity theft.



Your business is built on trust, if visitors of your website see the signs that your website has been hacked, they will likely go elsewhere



Cyber attacks, depending on the severity, can cost your business thousands of dollars in customer compensations, IT service repairs and more. You also risk losing new and existing clientele as your brand reputation suffers.

Website Hacking Statistics

Professional advice for optimizing your systems security and avoiding hacking disasters. Websites listed in our data were either defaced, hosting known malware or were redirecting traffic to malicious third-party sites.

of data breaches
are due to compromised
user credentials

of hacked websites were
running WordPress
or Joomla

of cyber-attacks target
small businesses


Website Security is imperative to ensure your website protects user data, doesn’t become compromised or experience downtime or data loss. We recommend ongoing patching and the continuous use of protective monitoring tools.


Boot Networks builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware on your computer.  We will notify you of missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, and security benchmarks.


We will deliver a comprehensive network assessment for you. This includes information about your current software license compliance, computer upgrade planning, cyber security status, information assurance audits, IT asset management and more.

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