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Safely destroying data from an old hard drive

Destroying data from an old hard drive safely

Safely destroying data from an old hard drive is of paramount importance to protect your sensitive information. Whether you choose software-based methods or opt for physical destruction, make sure to follow the recommended steps to ensure the data is permanently erased.

prevent your emails from going to spam

Prevent your emails from going to spam

Preventing your emails from going to spam is an important aspect of email deliverability. While it’s not possible to guarantee that all your emails will bypass spam filters, there are several best practices you can follow to increase the chances of your emails reaching the inbox. Here are some tips: Remember that each email service…
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how to protect your printers from hackers

Protect your printers from hackers

As printers become increasingly connected to networks and the internet, the risk of them being hacked also grows. However, there are steps you can take to prevent your printer from being compromised.

Carbonite is protecting businesses from ransomware.

Protecting Businesses from Ransomware

Protecting Your Business from Ransomware: How Carbonite’s Backup Solutions Can Keep Your Data Safe

building a strong cybersecurity posture with an assessment

How does a small business build a strong cybersecurity posture?

Building a strong cybersecurity posture is essential for any small business to protect its sensitive information, intellectual property, and reputation. Here are some steps a small business can take to build a strong cybersecurity posture: By following these steps, a small business can build a strong cybersecurity posture and protect its data and assets from…
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juice jacking

Juice jacking: FBI Warns Public of Security Risk

Juice jacking is a type of cyber-attack where hackers use malicious software installed in public charging stations or USB charging ports to steal sensitive data from smartphones and other devices.