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multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using Microsoft 365

Many businesses are moving to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for more security and compliance.

Phishing Attack Prevention

Microsoft Warns To Look Out For This Massive Covid-19 Excel Phishing Attack

Microsoft this week warned about a massive phishing attack that started on May 12. The campaign sends emails that look like they are from the “Johns Hopkins Center”, and they have an Excel attachment that claims to be US deaths caused by the Coronavirus. If your user opens that infected “Excel doc”, the file downloads…
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Microsoft Teams

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams – Clear Teams cache on Windows 10

How to clear the Microsoft Teams Client Cache on Windows 10 If Teams is giving you problems after basic troubleshooting it could be the client cache. What we want to do is clear Teams cache as one of our troubleshooting steps. The cache for Teams is not always in one place or even a single…
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Channel notifications in Microsoft Teams

Are you getting too many channel notifications in Microsoft Teams? Use this Microsoft Teams Tip to turn Microsoft Teams Channel Notifications to OFF.

remote access during covid-19

Remote Access – Transitioning to work at home from a technology standpoint during the COVID-19 pandemic

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation, please check our blog for important updates on transitioning to remote access work and other technology functions that might be affected. The following are a few quick tips regarding questions many of you have asked about transitioning their employees to work remotely. Remote Access – Scenario 1…
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windows 7 end of life

Windows 7 End of Life that is coming in January 14, 2020

Now is the time to begin planning the replacement of the Windows 7 End of Life computers still in use. End of life is a term used with respect to Microsoft Windows Operating Systems to customers, indicating that the product is in the end of its useful life (from Microsoft’s point of view), and a…
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