OneDrive for Business Consulting Services

Boot Networks specializes in delivering a high-quality and seamless move to the cloud.  Our proven expertise will result in a great experience.  We have moved thousands of users to Microsoft OneDrive for Business. We believe that using OneDrive is a game changer for everyone.  That it why we use it ourselves.

What is OneDrive for Business?

It is a cloud based solutions for storing files, accessing files from anywhere at anytime, backups, a document sharing solution and document collaboration tool.   And best of all it’s FREE when you purchase an Office365 subscription.

What pitfalls can you avoid when moving your documents to the cloud?

One of the problems we have seen is when companies try to implement OneDrive for Business on their own and expect the best.  This leads to more costly fixes over time.  Let us migrate your business to OneDrive for Business from on-premise servers or workstations.  This will save your business money in the future and takes the responsibility of managing your own equipment and gives it to Microsoft.

How can Onedrive for Business help me?

We believe that the era of relying on email for document sharing and file storage is going to come to an end.  Email was not built to handle what most users are relying on it for.  OneDrive should replace the need for emailing documents back and forth as well as storing important files.  It is secure, compliant and easy to use.  So what are you waiting for?

Over 85% of the Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft OneDrive.  It is now a critical business tool that connects and empowers businesses of any size.  In a business world governed by compliance and regulations OneDrive for Business is such a great resource to have.  Still not convinced? 

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OneDrive for Business - Office365 business tools.