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Critical Security Fixes Available

Critical Security Fixes Available

Tech Giants Urge Users to Update Immediately In recent developments, major tech companies are urgently advising their users to update their software and applications due to the discovery of critical security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could potentially expose users to various risks, including data breaches and cyberattacks. To ensure the safety of your digital environment, it…
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Apple Critical Security Vulnerability

Apple Critical Security Vulnerability Impacting iOS, macOS, and Safari – Immediate Patch Recommended

Apple Critical Security Vulnerability Apple is diligently working to resolve a significant security flaw that has the potential to compromise the security of iOS, macOS, and Safari. Users are urged to apply the patch without delay to safeguard their devices and personal information from this critical security vulnerability. Apple has identified a critical vulnerability affecting…
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how to protect your printers from hackers

Protect your printers from hackers

As printers become increasingly connected to networks and the internet, the risk of them being hacked also grows. However, there are steps you can take to prevent your printer from being compromised.

building a strong cybersecurity posture with an assessment

How does a small business build a strong cybersecurity posture?

Building a strong cybersecurity posture is essential for any small business to protect its sensitive information, intellectual property, and reputation. Here are some steps a small business can take to build a strong cybersecurity posture: By following these steps, a small business can build a strong cybersecurity posture and protect its data and assets from…
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juice jacking

Juice jacking: FBI Warns Public of Security Risk

Juice jacking is a type of cyber-attack where hackers use malicious software installed in public charging stations or USB charging ports to steal sensitive data from smartphones and other devices.

Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability – URGENT WINDOWS UPDATE

Protect your business from cyber attacks Microsoft has released an update that fixes a security threat and they strongly advise that all affected systems be updated as soon as possible! Customer guidance for CVE-2019-0708 Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability How serious is this? All vulnerabilities are ranked on the CVE scale of 1-10.…
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