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bootrec fixmbr

Fix MBR in windows 7

Fix the MBR in Windows 7 Boot to the repair cd Select repair your computer Select command prompt option Enter: bootrec.exe /fixmbr And Reboot!

Fix: IE8 not showing images

Fix: IE8 not showing images Pictures are not displayed and you may see a Red X on Web sites

Change line breaks to comma in word

How I changed line breaks to commas in word 2010 Open word and open document. Select replace option from office ribbon bar In the Find What: field type ^p Type a comma in the Replace with: field Replace what you want using Replace or Replace All button

Windows Help and Support window keeps popping up

The customer called in today complaining the Windows Help and Support window keeps popping up.  It seemed to happen the most when Outlook or Word was open.  After some troubleshooting we switched keyboards and the problem seems to go away after reboots.  The keyboard was a logitech k350.  We re-installed the keyboard and updated the setpoint…
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samsung fascinate MMS picture message problem

samsung fascinate MMS picture message problem Does your samsung fascinate phone not displace mms picture messages?  Does it just sit there and say downloading? Ok, here is what you can do  Select messages Touch open settings Scroll down and find the  MMS settings and uncheck the auto receive Go back and open the MMS message and touch download If this still doesn’t…
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Microsoft Outlook 365 Tips and Tricks

Outlook signature error, a file error occured fix

End user could not setup a signature in Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 computer. In outlook under tool/options and mail format tab. Under Signatures button I click new in the signature pain. Name the file. Click Ok and get the following pop up Microsoft office outlook A file error has occured (C:\Users\Insert Name\…\signature.htm To…
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