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Gadget of the Week: Surface Book

Microsoft has been experimenting with their Surface tablets for a few years and I was the first to buy one. I always found the surface to be an easy and fast tool to do little jobs or emergency tasks. It however was never a great substitute for a real honest laptop. Well Microsoft finally answered…
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Gadget of the Week: Samsung SD590C Curved Monitor

Curved monitors and TVs have been flooding the market lately and many people have been buying them but are they worth it? A curve offers something one can only understand once they’ve used the product for a period of time and that’s immersion.  What I mean by immersion is that once you have the screen in…
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Gadget of the week – HP Stream Mini Desktop

Last week we discussed Tablets, this week we will continue the trend of Mini with the HP Stream Mini desktop. For small and convenient ready to use desktops straight out of the box, it doesn’t get more affordable than what HP is offering. These tiny powerhouses are completely upgradable if you find their specifications lacking…
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Gadget of the week – Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet

Many people have been apprehensive about buying an android tablet as it has always felt like just a larger version of the phone they already own, but Dell may have found the answer. The new Dell Venue 8 7000 series is a stunning tablet with a price tag lower than apple’s iPad. Though it does…
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cad-workstation samsung-840

Solid State Hard Drive – Gadget of the week

The gadget of this week is the Samsung Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) 840. This solid state hard drive from Samsung is not only blazingly fast but very reliable. It comes in many sizes from 120GB to 1TB. Its prices range from under 100$ to 450$ depending on the storage capacity. Solid states are a…
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custom computers - professional business workstations

Professional Business Workstations

These custom high performance custom built desktop computers are the perfect set up for a business. Loaded with top-of-the-line features, the Boot Networks custom built Professional Business Workstation Computers are an excellent, high-performing choice for a small business and anyone looking for high end computer desktops. Expert craftsmanship and premium quality parts make this a…
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