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Windows 7: Disable the “Open File Security Warning” message

Windows 7 – Open file security warning Instructions on how to get rid of the “are you sure” security questions when opening a trusted file over the network. Go to the Control Panel Select “Internet Options“ Security Custom Level Under the “Miscellaneous” branch Find “Launching applications and unsafe files“ Set it to “Enable (not secure)“ Save and…
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Client Access License (CAL) definitions for Windows Server

 Windows Server (Standard & Enterprise Editions) and Small Business Server (Standard & Premium Editions) require Client Access Licenses (CAL) for each device accessing the network. CALs are only valid for the correct corresponding Operating System (OS). A factory pre-installed OS purchased with the server includes the first 5 CALs free. Additional CALs purchased here will…
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HP Printer support for Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook 2007 address book sorting

Microsoft Outlook 2007 address book sorting With Outlook open click on Tools at the top. Click on account settings. Click on the address book tab and then click on the change button. Under the Show names as: section put a bullet in the Last, First selection.

Samsung lamp replacement service

Samsung lamp replacement service Onsite service for samsung bp96-00608A lamp replacement.  Price of parts is $169 +Tax & Shipping Price of labor is $65 Onsite Replacement Service for Samsung DLP TV

Speedtests – Internet speed testing websites

Speedtests – Internet speed testing websites SpeakEasy ATT Cox Sprint Verizon