iPhone 6 Settings for Email Setup

iPhone 6 Settings for Email Setup

Setup your iPhone 6 built-in email app to send email using SMTP. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Settings icon (looks like gears, shown above)
  2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Click Account you wish to modify
  4. Click Account
  5. Click on the ‘Primary Server’.


  • Host Name: smtp.yourisp.net • User Name: your full email address • Password: your email password(remember, it’s case-sensitive)

6.  Make sure the slider is ‘On’ and enter the AuthSMTP host name (as supplied in your signup email), typically ‘mail.authsmtp.com’. Enter the username and password (as supplied in your signup email). Change ‘Use SSL’ to off (unless you do want to use SSL and have already enabled SSL in the AuthSMTP Control Panel). 7.  Click on the ‘Server Port’ and change to one of the alternate port numbers – we would recommend that you use port 587 but you can also use 23, 26 or 2525 – port 25 is available but is blocked by many ISPs. Use port 325 if you specifically DO NOT want to use SSL encryption. If you DO wish to use ‘SSL’ – move the ‘SSL’ slider to on, change the port to 587 or ‘2525’ (depending on your email providers settings) and then you MUST login to the control panel (Advanced Configuration tab) and enable SSL on your account. That’s it. Now enjoy sending email on your email on your iPhone. If you need any more information, please call your email provider.  If they cannot help you get your email setup Boot Networks can help at a nominal fee.

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