computer setup service

computer setup services for desktop, workstations, laptop and tablet systems

Boot Networks computer setup service minimize the start-up time for new systems and help prevent potential problems.  Our installation services enable you to focus key internal resources on more strategic projects.  By reducing your investment in training, travel, installation scheduling and installation resources, you can lower your total cost of ownership.  Boot Networks manages the scheduling and installation process from start to finish and is the single point of contact.

Personal computer setup service
Boot Networks personal computer installation services includes an external quality inspection, new system installation, internet setup and connection of external peripherals.

Personal computer setup service with data transfer
Boot Networks personal computer installation services includes an external quality inspection, new system installation, internet setup, connection of external peripherals, transfer and integration of user data and de-installation of the old computer system.

Network System Setup and Network Printer Installation
Boot Networks personal computer setup services includes an external quality inspection, new system installation, internet setup, domain integration and connection of external peripherals.    This service also includes the installation and testing of a network printer into an existing local area network.

Peripheral Installation
This installation service provides on-site installation of internal and external peripherals into an existing desktop, notebook or workstation system.

What is included:

  • Unpack system and components
  •  Conduct external quality inspection
  • Setup and connect peripherals (monitor, mouse, keyboard, network cable, etc.)
  • Connect and configure external peripherals
  • Connect, configure and test a network printer
  • Power up and bring system to installed operating system
  • Install & configure network or local printer
  • Remove installation packaging
  • Disconnect components of old system and/or printer
  • Pack up and remove uninstalled equipmen

Setting up your new computer will not be done after taking the components out of their boxes and setting them up on your desk or workstation.  Here are the things we to do after you have turned on your brand new PC and set up your Internet connection for the first time.

Install the Right Antivirus Software

Most desktop computers nowadays come along with a free trial version of an affiliate antivirus software provider, but this usually only lasts thirty to ninety days. Afterwards, your computer could be prone to malicious programs. The antivirus program can protect computers from the major known threats, and a good antivirus solution can even safeguard against new ones.

Uninstall the Applications You Dont Want

Just because some applications came with your computer does not mean that you have to keep them. If you do not plan on using some of those programs, we uninstall them. Do not let them clutter up your hard drive and take up precious memory space. Include, but only if you choose, free trial applications and e-mail or network set-up programs.

Run Windows Update

We manually visit the Windows Update URL and install all of the current Windows patches. We also set up your PC to receive automatic updates. This way, you can ensure that your computer system will always be updated and relatively secure.

Download/Install Microsoft Office

You will most likely be doing the bulk of your work in at least one of the software compilation’s major applications such as MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. If your PC came with a trial version of the MS Office Suite we will recommend that you buy the full version as soon as possible.

Setup Your Internet Browser

Customize your browser settings and setup the homepage of your choice.