Wireless Network Setup

Standard Wireless Network Setup Service

Secure a wireless internet connection with encryption and connect local computers. Connect wireless internet connection with an existing cable, DSL or other high-speed connection.

Wireless Network Setup Service Options: Connect and setup a wireless router to your computer and existing internet provider. Connect, install and configure wireless adaptors. (includes notebook and desktop computers)

Boot Networks wireless configuration service will start by verifying existence of broadband internet connection and proper operation.

* The technician will confirm availability of customer-supplied password information-including, but not limited to, system and internet service provider (ISP) passwords-required to perform the installation. If the customer does not wish to provide them they must be on-site at all time to enter this information when requested. The technician will release the IP address of the current internet connection and power down the broadband modem. The physical connections on the wireless router and modem will be established. Any applicable drivers will be loaded for the wireless adapters.