Premium SSL (5-Site)

Premium SSL (5-Site)

SSL Certificate

For any business owner who conducts any portion of their business online, having a secure site is the first step to making your site trustworthy. The best way to have a secure site is to have an SSL, or a secure sockets layer. An SSL certificate shows that your site can be trusted to make interactions through it because it ensures that all of the data that goes between the web browser and the web server are encrypted, keeping them private. Truly, it is an integral part of any online business and is an integral part of any site that wishes to hold any sort of credibility with a customer base, especially eCommerce sites.

Creating an SSL connection between browsers is done using an SSL certificate. To the customer, the intricacies of an SSL certificate will remain unknown. All they will know is that the site is a secure one to do business with, thanks to the closed padlock symbol or key at the top of the browser where the web address is. The rest of the protocol works behind the scenes to create an encrypted link between both the browser and the web server.

With a premium SSL certificate package found here, you can reap all of the benefits that an SSL encryption can provide, usually resulting in higher levels of business transactions. It provides your website with the “https” in the browser to start, with the padlock signifying the security on the other side of it. The address bar will also turn green, not only making your site look more professional but also highlighting the security of it even more clearly to your customers. The security trusted seal provides one more layer of trust as it reminds the customer yet again of its stable, encrypted nature.

When your site has a premium SSL certificate, search engines automatically use it as one of the contributing factors for pushing your site higher up on the ranking list since it is more secure. This certificate offers ultra safe and private SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to promise total safety.

The premium SSL certificate package offered here also offers support for an unlimited number of servers, letting you cover all of your bases for all of your many sites with one package. With free unlimited reissues and a $1,000,000 warranty, you know that you are always protected against any damages that might happen and helping to free you of some of your worries when running an online business.

By ordering the premium SSL certificate sold here, you can secure not only the information that your customers send from their browsers to your web server but also their trust, which goes a long way toward their decision to shop with you. A premium SSL certificate might be your ticket to higher conversion rates and generating more profits, so don’t waste any more time. Purchase your premium SSL certificate for your professional eCommerce site right here by clicking add to cart now.

$347.99 / per year