Remote Computer Support

Just follow these easy steps to get started and within just a few simple clicks of your mouse, a technical support specialist will instantly connect to your computer.  The remote support technician has a real-time view of your desktop and will fix your computer.

Call Boot Networks Technical Support at 619-890-0095 to begin the remote computer support process. In general, appointments may be made for same day service at no extra charge.  Remote Computer Support is billed at $150.00/hour billed in 15 minute increments.  The following step must be completed prior to downloading the Remote Help client in order to ensure that a technician will be available to work on your computer. When directed by a Support Engineer, click the link below to allow Boot Networks to connect to your PC.

remote pc repair step 1

Click HERE for remote support.  You will see the screen below after you click the link.  Enter your name followed by the session ID given to you by your Boot Networks Specialist.

Click Join.


remote pc repair step 2

 After joining the session, the following screen will appear along with a download for Mikogo.exe at the bottom. Once the download is finished, click on it. A prompt will ask for your permission to run the file. Select run. Your computer will ask you to allow this program to make changes to your computer, select yes.


remote pc repair step 3

Once it has finished running, it will prompt you to allow the specialist to have remote access to your computer.

This gives our specialist access to your keyboard, mouse and desktop. Once they have connected successfully, often this takes a moment, they will assist you from there.


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