Server Room Cleanup

Avoid the chaos of unplanned growth! Regain control of your data center with server room cleanup services.

Boot Networks creates order from chaos in data centers with server room cleanup. Offering practical long-term solutions for regaining control and ensuring availability.

  • A well connected data center facilitates better air flow. The right-size cables keep the amount of cable in the cable management arm to a minimum which allows hot air from the back of the servers and network equipment to escape.
  • Faster troubleshooting and better operation of the cable management arm when extending servers out of the rack for service. One should be able to pull the server out and have the cabling remain neat.

Some server rooms in small businesses are built with little or no regard for cable management. Unplanned, uncrontrolled growth can lead to chaos in the data center and server room. The consequences are more than cosmetic.

There is a sense of pride when your expensive IT invesment looks like a multi-million dollar data center.

Boot Networks will disconnect all network cables going from the patch panel to the switches and re-organize them using the new or existing cable management.

Servers would use red cables, printers yellow ones and workstations could use traditional blue ones.