Content Filter

Boot Networks can help your business with content filtering!

Lost productivity and increased exposure to legal liability is incredibly harming to your businesses today.  In the ever-increasing age of connected business networks there is no doubt that Internet access can benefit employees.  However too much web surfing can lead to thousands of dollars lost per employee in downtime. Even worse is the risk of legal action due to inappropriate use of Internet resources. Our Firewall based solutions can help your business deploy vital policies which can effectively control web surfing and protect you against liability risk that can damage your organization.

With our enhanced technology covering your businesses Internet usage you will gain solid control over all aspects of your connectivity and make sure that your staff remains productive. Internet usage can cost business thousands of dollars a year if gone unchecked. Even more costly is the risk of legal action taken due to viewing and distribution of inappropriate content. Organization members that engage in peer-to-peer file sharing expose your company to thousands of dollars in legal risks, increased bandwidth usage and malicious software.  Precious IT resources are stolen for less viable uses. Our Firewall solutions provide a tangible layer of control to what you determine to be proper for your business and also allows you to block out what you deem inappropriate.

Any business that has desktops connected to the Internet can use our Content Filtering services to cut costs, decrease risk, and increase productivity. The return on your investment over time can be measure in levels far exceeding the initial costs.  Contact us to learn how to get started with Boot Networks.