Lost Password Recovery

lost password recovery for servers, desktops, laptops, programs and more

Do you need help with lost password recovery?  Have you lost access to your files and worse your computer? We can help you recover the password. Just give us a call and let us know what type of software you have that needs password recovery. We will send out a software technician to help get your passwords recovered fast.

We can perform lost password recovery on:

  • Lost Windows XP Home passwords
  • Lost Windows XP Pro passwords
  • Lost Windows NT passwords
  • Lost Windows 2000 passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Windows Server passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Windows Vista passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Windows 7.0 passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Access passwords
  • Lost Act! passwords
  • Lost Microsoft PowerPoint passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Excel passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Project passwords
  • Lost QuickBooks passwords
  • Lost Quicken passwords
  • Lost SQL passwords
  • Lost Microsoft Word passwords
  • Lost Outlook Express and Outlook passwords
  • Lost Router passwords