Office 365 Co-Authoring & Collaborating on Documents using Word, Excel or PowerPoint online

Office 365 Co-Authoring & Collaborating on Documents using Word, Excel or PowerPoint online

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Setting up real-time Office 365 Co-Authoring in Microsoft Word Online for Office 365

Businesses owners and employees are experiencing a new reality such that collaboration doesn’t always have to occur face to face.  Sharing ideas and data in real time can be challenging, especially when different people in different physical locations need to work together.  Office 365 Co-Authoring allows for multiple people to make changes to the same document at the same time.  Changes appear as soon as they are made.

You can use this feature in the Office 365 desktop apps, online apps and even for Android and ioS for:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

Collaborators in the modern workplace can now work together to amend and finalize documents in real time.  This revolutionary new feature is a hidden gem!

How to use real-time co-authoring with the online version of Microsoft Word

  1. Go to, Sign in and open your document with Microsoft word online.  On the top right you will see a Share button, click on it.

    Office 365 Co-Authoring documents in word


  2. The share screen will appear as seen in the image below.  Make sure you see “Recipients can edit” so that recipients have access and can edit the document.  Enter the Recipients Email Address in the text box and click Share.  Add extra notes that will also be sent to the recipients email.

    Office 365 Co-Authoring feature sharing invitation


  3. Now press the “Share” button, a link will be sent to the person you wish to collaborate with on this document, and once they click the link they can immediately start editing the document.  When you and your collaborators are editing the document at the same time you will see a marker representing each collaborator.

    Office 365 Co-Authoring with word online.


Office 365 collaboration saves you and your colleagues from relying on document changes back and forth.  Additionally you and your colleagues can also work together on Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations.

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