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Setting Up Email on Your OnePlus 6T Android Device

Instructions to setup email on your OnePlus 6T or Android Device From the Home screen, swipe up, then tap Settings Tap Accounts > Add account. Select one of the following (You will need to know what type of server you have and select from the choices below. We prefer Exchange and we recommend migrate away…
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Verizon Email Server Settings

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows (Version 5.0 through 6.0): 1. Open Outlook Express 2. From the Main Menu, select “Tools”, then “Accounts” 3. Select the “Mail” tab 4. Click ONCE on your Verizon Online e-mail account name to select it. Select “Properties” 5. Select the “Servers” tab 6. Change the “Incoming mail (POP3)”…
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att pop and smtp email settings

ATT POP and SMTP email settings pop3 server address – pop.att.yahoo.com POP3 port : 995 check use SSL smtp server address – smtp.att.yahoo.com SMTP port : 465 select us SSL from dropdown SMTP requires authentication.