Setting Up Email on Your OnePlus 6T Android Device

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Setting Up Email on Your OnePlus 6T Android Device


Instructions to setup email on your OnePlus 6T or Android Device

  1. From the Home screen, swipe up, then tap Settings
  2. Tap Accounts > Add account.
  3. Select one of the following (You will need to know what type of server you have and select from the choices below. We prefer Exchange and we recommend migrate away from using POP3):
    • Exchange
    • Google
    • Personal (IMAP)
    • Personal (POP3)
  4. Enter your email address, then tap Next
  5. At the email sign-in screen, tap Next
  6. Enter your email password, then tap Next
  7. Agree to your email provider terms and conditions (if required)
  8. Select your sync frequency:
    • Never
    • Every 15 minutes
    • Every 30 minutes
    • Every hour
  9. Select any advanced options you require
  10. Tap Next
  11. Edit your email account name, or you can leave it the as the default one
  12. Edit your name that will display on email messages, then tap Next


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