Alert: Windows 10

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Alert: Windows 10

windows 10

Many of you are probably excited about windows 10. While it is streamlined and wonderful technology it has some initial problems. It is most certainly a bleeding edge piece of software and you should steer clear of upgrading for a few months. Yes we know it is free, but that isn’t justification enough to download it just yet. After some initial tests we have noticed specific drivers and software do not work on windows 10 and many old programs do not have a compatibility packs for 10 yet. In simple terms this means that printers and other peripherals may not work after upgrading and company specific software will not function as designed. This would most certainly cause a delay in company productivity.

To clarify, we still think windows 10 is great and has major potential, just wait until the bugs are cleaned out and other companies have a chance to catch up and ensure their own software is compatible.

We will keep you up to date in the coming months and let you know when we feel it is safe to upgrade your systems.

For now don’t worry if your an operating system behind the rest, productivity is much more important than being on the most current trend in technology.


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