Let’s cover the basics: simple fixes

Let’s cover the basics: simple fixes

Many people often ask about certain common items that appear on their PC. These Include:



Your computer will often prompt you when it needs to install an update. Most of the time it is perfectly safe to accept and run these updates. After they are installed be sure to save your work and restart your PC for it to take affect. Updates will cover security issues and fix problems the software may be facing and therefore its is generally a good idea to update programs when they ask.

Here are all the main programs that are safe to run updates on every-time:



Internet Explorer






For all others please contact us for advice.



Warnings come up every once in a while when your web-browser, anti-virus or windows thinks it has found something important to alert you of. These can range from an unknown USB stick being installed, to a new website it has never seen before. Often by reading the warning you can judge the importance and urgency. If you were the one to navigate to the website or install the new peripheral, its OK to disregard the warning. However if its warning you for something you don’t believe you caused, take the warning seriously and back out of the action. If you are unsure, calling us is always an option. We can give you a quick response and solution to the warning.


Internet connectivity problems-

Sometimes an update may disrupt your internet connection or your email connectivity. To remedy this often times simply restarting your computer will fix this issue. Often times it can also be your modem or even your internet provider themselves. Please check your modem and make sure there are no flashing red lights. If there are, be sure to either contact us or your internet provider.


Scary Websites-

Ever navigated to a website you are unsure of? Most times websites are safe to browse to especially if you have an anti-virus installed. However be careful and navigate away from the site if you don’t believe you should be on the site. To protect against spam (not viruses) please download Ad-block plus. This nifty plug-in will protect Chrome and Firefox users from adware, spam, and adds.




Is your anti-virus prompting you? Does it say you are overdue for a scan? Your anti-virus is generally looking out for you best interest. Run the scan or the optimization it is asking for. Save your work and restart your computer after the scan is finished running. If it is telling you you have unwanted files or viruses on your computer be sure to contact us and we will remove all unwanted spyware/viruses from your PC. If you are noticing slowness or viruses but your anti-virus isn’t catching them, we can root them out and clear them for you.


I hope these simple fixes can help you get through the common problems you face. Contact us if these simple fixes didn’t quite resolve your issues.

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