Internet Reputation – Wordpress websites

Internet Reputation – WordPress websites

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Many businesses have taken the progressive step in building an online reputation. This means that anyone, current client or potential client, searching for businesses online will find online resources that reflect your business. The key is molding this online reputation to suit your liking so clients know exactly what your business can do for them while giving them a positive impression of your goals and the services you can provide for them.


This can be achieved through three simple steps.

Social media – Facebook and LinkedIn

Websites – An official website to represent your company

Review sites – Yelp and Google Plus


In this blog we will not touch on Social media and review sites, as they are easily researched and set up. Websites however are a tricky subject. A business cannot simply set up a website and expect it to generate business. Google is the main tool people use to search through websites and Google usually disregards stagnate websites. Google likes fresh websites with frequent updates. If your company has no website or an old website, people online simply aren’t finding you or are finding incomplete information about you.

Here’s where WordPress websites comes into play. WordPress is a software that can be used to build and manage your website. Most WordPress templates (themes used to build the website) are free and easy to use. It focuses on user friendly interface and open source customization. Each WordPress website can look and feel unique to your business. There are tons of tutorials online that show you how to use WordPress and manage your website.

Most importantly however, is the focus WordPress has on SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; simply put its what helps Google find your website among the thousands of websites out there. This SEO is what helps build reputation the most and is the main factor responsible for attracting new clients. Most websites make SEO a pain and difficult to implement, but WordPress however makes it your main focus.

They do this in two ways:

Blogging – Weekly content, articles or news added to your site that boost SEO

Keyword focus – Word that inform Google your website represents certain topics people search for


Best of all, a very busy business can manage and use their website with very minimal frustration and wasted time. Once built WordPress will require updates and more content as your business progresses, but they can become a scheduled routine rather than a difficult burden. If Websites still seems to frustrate and confuse you Boot Networks offers a consultation and presentation explaining in detail the logistics and process of building and managing a WordPress website.

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