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Passwords Manager Software Application


STOP FORGETTING YOUR PASSWORDS! In today’s digital world, it’s imperative to constantly set unique, and complex passwords for every website that requires a login. Setting the password is the easy part, remembering them is the hard part! Lucky for you there is an APP for that. The premium password manager, LastPass. Create a LastPass account where…
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two monitors

What are the benefits of having two monitors?

This is a question I’m still surprised to be asked even by small business owners. If your employees use their computers for four or more hours per day, upgrading to dual monitor set ups is a huge increase in productivity. Most current computers are already able to handle two screens, but if your computer is four…
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wireless internet

Wi-Fi and wireless internet

Do you own a laptop or computer with a Wi-Fi connection? Chances are you’ve had it act up, lose connection, or altogether stop working. Hopefully its not the latter because you’d be unable to read this blog. Unsure of what kind of connection your computer has and just want to learn more about it? Let’s…
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Get the Most out of Your Flash Drive: Creating a Two Partition Hidden Bootable and Storage Flash Drive

Most people use flash drives for storage, but did you know that you can use it to boot a different operating system on your computer? Or to perform actions that Windows would otherwise block you from performing, like drive scans or disk checks while the operating system isn’t initialized? This tutorial walks you through how to create…
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outlook 2010 loading in safe mode

Outlook 2010 Safe Mode Error

With the latest patch released by Microsoft (12/08/15) we are met with a set of Outlook 2010 errors and issues.  The largest issue causes outlook users to be stuck in safe mode. After you install this update, Outlook 2010 may start only in safe mode. If this issue occurs, uninstall the update and make sure…
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icons on the taskbar

The icons of the taskbar

Icons of the taskbar We commonly get questions regarding the messages that pop up in the bottom right corner with the icons of the taskbar. These icons of the taskbar exist on all current versions of windows from 7 to 10. They can be confusing and almost all of the notifications that pop up look urgent…
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