Microsoft cloud email taking your first steps

Microsoft cloud email taking your first steps

office 365 cloud email first steps

Traditional email for business requires the purchase of an email server or email hosting. If you host your own email server you will now be responsible for any updates, all backups, legal compliance and to ensure that it is secure from hackers.  Microsoft cloud email (Hosted Exchange) moves the email to servers in multiple secured datacenters. This makes Microsoft responsible for managing support inquiries.  They also help lock down and comply with your industries regulations.  They will ensure all updates are completed properly and commit to keeping your email application available at a minimum 99.997% of the time.

Now before taking any further steps, it is important to make a checklist of goals. The person whom you trust your business technology growth to, must be fully aware of your expectations. Lets take a first step on our way to Microsoft’s Exchange cloud email together shall we?

Making it easy to use, especially when you’re not in the office

  1. The whole goal here is to give you less to worry about – Once in the cloud, Microsoft will take all steps necessary to ensure uptime (availability) is as promised and you will no longer need to be concerned over upgrades etc.
  2. Your goal in business is profit. Having the ability to have email available at the office or on your mobile device, be it tablet or laptop or phone, allows you at any time to address your clients queries or concerns immediately.

Using an older standard or email known as POP3 is still common for businesses. While it is simple to setup, its simplicity is also its major fault as it does not sync well to other devices and supports non-encrypted connections. Besides, the last major update to POP3 email was in 1988!

Grow as you grow

  1. Boot Networks, your trusted cloud consultant will present you with an initial ‘path’ to your new cloud email solution which will include:
    1. Proposed cloud solution
    2. Proposed scaling to evolve and grow as you grow your business.

Solutions will include migration, seasonal spurts and growth for example.

Making it secure

  1. One of today’s main issues regarding software applications is ensuring security is maintained at peak compliance.
  2. Email attachments, especially in the financial industry will undoubtedly involve sensitive financial information exchanged with clients. With Microsoft cloud email the servers are locked down and secured behind up to date firewalls at all times.
  3. Web-based email will ALWAYS scan the attachments sent back and forth for viruses. You will not normally receive this option using an office setup with POP3 email. POP3 email is less secure.

Business owners do not want to spend money (but they know they have to)

  1. It is always refreshing to gain an understanding from your trusted cloud consultant that, while you do realize, it is logical today to move email to a cloud-based solution.  We will identify a solution that is based on your business now and not your business 3 years from now.

Making the transition from your business-based email server to a cloud email solution is very easy with Boot Networks.  We understand no two businesses are alike. Your solution is unique to your business and is supported by a team having served businesses for over twenty years.  Boosting productivity and collaboration has been proven time and again using Microsoft Exchange cloud email and the popular Microsoft Office 365 Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook Suite.

Still not ready?  Read more about Office 365 here.  Or watch the video below.